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Drawings, mixed technics

Reality and illusion; desires; battles; disappointments and victories; pursuits and aims achieved… - everything that determines our moments of being. Emotions raging in spaces of forgotten, hidden or rediscovered fears; jubilant shouts. Spaces in which intersect the queer worlds of fish, bullfight arenas and animal paths. Spaces we invade, conquer and destroy. Spaces we devastate and then rebuild.
We crave to catch the fish so as to be able to enjoy its calmness. Or to seize the bull’s body in order to take the mightiness of its heart. We wind them round in our nets and twirl them in the rhythm of the arena.
We wade into pools of silence and search for the sounds of the fields. We lose and find our faces in the reflections of nature as we enjoy the scenery and measure the distances of the roads traveled.
We stick our spears into the body of the fish; we tie the legs of the bulls and then satisfied we continue whirling about on the manege.


Collages 2002
Mixed technics