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CHESS 2005
Dry point

Chess – to perceive it not only as the ancient game comprised of tiny chess pieces on 64 squares; not only as stock moves and combinations already played, but as endless opportunities for the imagination!
To think of your own pieces and let them move across the diagonals, back and forth, to the right and to the left. To play by the rules but never to allow monotonous or tedious moves. To take the basics of this sophisticated game and, by means of drawing, to play your own game of chess. And these graphic chessmen to keep moving beyond the contour of the graphic sheets – through the squares of imagination, when the Game begins!

Checkmate!, the whole text in pdf

2001 - 2004
Etching, Aquatint

A human is able to admire the beauty of an animal and is ready to kill it at the same time. The animal is prepared to attack the man but almost ever follows him. Two different and in the meantime close worlds. Worlds that bring together the struggle for predominance and the need for protection; worlds of motion and development. Those are realities inhabited by mutually exclusive species, unable to live in harmony and doomed to extinction if isolated. This is where their mutual dependence arouses.

The cycle “Road – men and animals”, containing the drawings “Chase” and “Dependence” is a try (without the help of words and narration) my idea for these two different worlds to get a graphic visualization by the techniques of etching and aquatint.