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If you let the idea obsess your mind and you manage to realize it in a concrete or abstract form; if you transform it in unreal characters; if you create non-existent spaces; if you manage to make it live – then perhaps you have made a creation.
Night walks; fabulous sceneries; invented faces that peer from behind the fish or pop up from the darkness; running, dancing figures – traveling towards the unknown – these are the characters that live in my drawings.
This is the idea rediscovered in a different reality.
The ability to create your own world is the ability to let yourself get overwhelmed by the play of contradistinction between the tiny and the large figure; the shades of the dark and the bright; the whole and the detail. At the same time, it is the ability to control all these elements; to bring them under the sway of your hand and you conscious – and thus to create your images.
The density of the black, the nuances of the gray, the brilliance of the light up to the pure white, the sharpness of the line, the mildness of the splash – they give me the ability, by the techniques of etching and aquatint, to bring the Idea into life.

Boriana Doncheva


*Solo Exhibition, ”Maxim” Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria
*14th International Print Biennial, Varna, Bulgaria
*International Print Exhibition, “Lessedra” Art Gallery, Kremona, Italy
*Exhibition for the new members of  the Union of Bulgarian Artists, National   exhibition centre for contemporary art “Shipka 6”, Sofia, Bulgaria

*Solo  Exhibition, “ 8 ” Gallery, Varna, Bulgaria

*Solo  Exhibition, ”Maxim” Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria

*4th International Print Triennial, Sofia, Bulgaria
*Group  Exhibition, ”Maxim” Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria
*Group Exhibition “Travelling Museum, Contemporary Bulgarian Art”, Delhi-India, Pekin-China

*Contemporary Art Prints from Japan  and Bulgaria, Kyoto, Japan
* Group Exhibition, ”Artamontzev” Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria
*Group Exhibition “Graphic Art”, Shipka 6 Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria
*Group Exhibition, Balchik, Bulgaria

*Solo  Exhibition, ”Artamontzev” Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria
*First Annual Mini Print, “Lessedra” Art Gallery,Sofia, Bulgaria
*Exhibition “Artistic Families”, Arts Salon, National Palace of Culture, Sofia, Bulgaria


Educational Background

National Arts Academy,Sofia, Bulgaria,
M.A. in Graphic Art 2003
High School of Fine Arts,Sofia 1997

Boriana was born in 1978 in Sofia, Bulgaria in the family of famous Bulgarian artists Anton and Iliyana Donchev.
From an early age she cast in the world of art and she painted with a passion.
She attended a Fine Arts High School and latter studied at the National Arts Academy in Sofia where she graduated with an M.A. in Graphic Art. 
Boriana is not limited in the field of Fine Arts. Her attempts in literature deserve the same attention as her prints and paintings.